05 September 2019/Storage Tips

How To Store Items In A Storage Unit

Learn How To Store Like A Pro

We’ve previously talked about the merits of self-storage and how picking the right self-storage unit can save you plenty of headaches and tears later when it comes to size. After you decide upon a self-storage unit that works for you and your items, what’s the most effective way of storing those items? It’s important to pack your items in a way that makes the most out of the unit you’ve got. Below are some ideas from your team at U•STORE•IT on how to maximize your space in a self-storage unit.

Use The Room

Most self-storage units tend to have high ceilings. Take advantage and stack your boxes vertically, making sure your boxes are sturdy enough that the bottom box can withstand the weight of other boxes stacked on top of it. Your heaviest items should stay at the bottom and your lightest boxes at the top. Pack them tightly to maximize the use of space and wrap up any fragile valuables in bubble wrap, paper or towers, and linens.

Stay Organized

Keep an inventory and let that dictate how you move items. Larger items you won’t be using should be stored at the far back and items you predict you’ll go back to should be kept somewhere closer to the door. Place your items in a U leaving enough room between your boxes and packages to create aisles to walk through and make sure all your items are labeled so you know exactly what to look for and create easy access to your belongings. Using your inventory list to create a map plotting where your belongings are in the U. Tape this map to one of the front boxes for you to reference whenever you need to grab something from your storage unit. If you add anything to the unit, make sure you add it to your map.

Think Creatively

There is a good chance that your items may not Tetris together inside your self-storage unit. There’s nothing wrong with that; it means you’ll have to be creative and think about how to best maximize the storage unit’s space to your advantage. Disassemble everything to reduce future moving headaches and stack chairs vertically seat by seat. Avoid creating any inaccessible pockets of space. If you have big furniture packed, you can use their hollow areas to create more space opportunities. You can store boxes inside of wardrobes, refrigerators, stoves and washing machines. Be sure to add this to your storage map and if at all possible, do not store anything in front of these items if you know you will need to access those boxes on a regular basis. Place your tables against the wall and use covers on all your items to keep them looking pristine.