Store Your Vehicle, RV or Motorized Toys

Depending on your storage needs, our North Edmonton storage location offers exclusive availability to our larger-size units from 250-300 sq. to accommodate your vehicle or RV.

Store Your Vehicle

Looking to store your sports car you can only drive in spring and summer or your restored Mustang coupe? You can easily store your vehicle for any length of time to suit your needs. We’ll look after your motorized baby like it was our own from the moment you rent a unit until the moment you drive out.

Store Your RV

If you love to camp in comfort and own an RV, you might be wanting for space when it comes time to store it for the winter. It doesn’t need to spend the winter sitting in your driveway! With U•STORE•IT, your RV will be secure until it’s time to roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire again.

Store Your Toys

Bicycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorboats, kayaks; U•STORE•IT has seen it all! You can make room in a garage that’s bursting at the seams with toys and store them in a unit to gain more space and organization in your home when these items are not used on a regular basis.

Vehicle Storage Benefits

Need best-in-class storage solutions for your cherished Airstream, Harley hog or restored Mustang coupe? You can trust the U•STORE•IT difference from the moment you drive up to your unit to the moment you drive out.


Your car, truck, or recreational vehicle is secure at U•STORE•IT because of our password-controlled access, 24/7 video surveillance, on-site managers, and definite hours of operation.


The winter can be incredibly harsh on vehicles, motorcycles, and RVs if they are not properly stored. You can protect your prized possessions from the elements with a storage unit.


Is a vehicle, RV, or recreational toy taking up precious space in your driveway or yard? Bring it to U•STORE•IT and to get it out of the way until you need it.


We have a variety of sizes to accommodate different vehicles: half-tonne van = 20-50 sq. ft.,1-tonne van = 100 sq. ft., 3-tonne van = 150-200 sq. ft., 5-tonne van = 220-300 sq. ft.


You don’t need to get locked into a contract. Whether you’re going on a vacation or storing for the winter we can offer flexible month-to-month billing.


For those unpredictable Alberta winters our extra-large, climate-controlled bays are designed to accommodate trucks and trailers up to 53 ft. long.


Want to learn more about U•STORE•IT’s services and some useful storage tips and tricks? It’s all here in our blog.

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Great facility. Easy access. Need new carts though.

Bill Beaton

I stored my entire household at this location for 10 months. Their facility is super clean, the staff are all friendly & helpful and care about their customers! Thank You!

Lisa Myers

Clean units. Good variety of storage lockers. Inside loading / unloading bays.

James Cousineau