Tailored Pricing For The Storage Need

Our storage units come in various shapes and sizes. From 50-100 sq. ft to accommodate for files, record collections, and your bicycle, or medium-large-size units from 100-220 sq. ft to accommodate for the contents of a three bedroom home or Harley hog! Plus our North Edmonton storage location offers exclusive availability to our larger-size units from 250-300 sq. to accommodate for your Coachman or RV of choice!


Our personal storage units from 50 sq. ft can accommodate for personal storage such as family heirlooms or documents, insurance files or legal paperwork, to stamp collections and more. Have questions about pricing? Our team of storage experts has answers. Get a quote today for best-in-class storage solutions!


Thinking best-in-class commercial storage solutions? Think U•STORE•IT. We have you covered with our Managed Storage Program for Businesses plus our Red Deer facility offers exclusive availability to flex-offices or mailboxes and more. Contact our team of storage experts and get a quote today!

Personal Storage Pricing Packages

Payment Schedule

You can trust the U•STORE•IT difference for your personal or commercial storage solutions. Most competitors charge in standard four-week billing cycles that end up averaging an extra billing cycle to their advantage over the course of a year. We offer monthly billing cycles so the only advantage is yours.

Business Storage Pricing Packages

Managed Storage Program for Businesses

Running a growing business? Try our Managed Storage Program for Businesses. It offers businesses an affordable and efficient space to store and manage their documents and inventory. Contact your local facility to learn more about the program features today.

Vehicle Pricing Packages

Oversized Storage

Need best-in-class storage solutions to fit your oversized storage needs? Trust the U•STORE•IT difference for clean and efficient units to accommodate your cherished Airstream, Harley hog or even your Bertram. Contact our team of storage experts and get a quote today!


Used it a couple of times. Cheap,clean and tidy. Staff very polite and friendly.

Barry Philp

Staff is super awesome! Friendly and personable. Highly recommend them.

Nolan W

I stored my entire household at this location for 10 months. Their facility is super clean, the staff are all friendly & helpful and care about their customers! Thank You!

Lisa Myers