Why Proper Moving Supplies are Important

Finding a clean, secure and reliable storage facility, packing items up for storage, and moving is a challenging task. That’s why U•STORE•It carries the common supplies on hand to help you. Make moving, downsizing, and storage so much easier! Proper moving supplies:

  • Keep you organized.
  • Save you time on packing.
  • Ensure you have everything you need right at your fingertips.
  • Make the organization of a moving truck so much easier.
  • Keep items secure and
    protected during storage.
  • Save you money because you prevent damage to your belongings.

Moving Boxes, Supplies and More

Small, medium and large boxes

We carry small, medium and large moving boxes to help pack items properly in the right box size. Try our small boxes for items such as books and small appliances, medium boxes for bedding, pillows, and drapes, and our large boxes for more lightweight items like clothing.

Packing tape

When it comes to sealing boxes for long-term storage, less tape is better. We recommend packing tape on each of your boxes so your prized possessions stay at a consistent temperature through Alberta’s extreme weather changes.

Moving blankets

We offer a wide variety of moving blanket sizes for all your storage needs and for added protection from scratches and scuff marks on the floor or furniture during a move or while you are putting items in storage during downsizing.

Surface defense protective paper pads

Protect your furniture, artwork, mirrors, and delicate decorative items with paper pads. It adds an extra layer of cushioning for your prized possessions while moving or storing them to keep them clean, dust-free, and secure from damage.

Saf-T-Pak for art and photographs

Protect the corners and edges of your fragile artworks, Smart TV, or mirrors from bumps and scrapes during a move. We carry versatile foam protectors that you can attach to the corners and edges of these items to prevent damage.

Protection kits for mirrors

We know the last thing you want during a move is to have to deal with broken glass or the disappointment of ruined artwork. All of  U•STORE•IT’s facilities carry protection kits for a wide variety of small or large mirrors and these kits can even be used for framed artwork.

Glassguard and dish-guard protection kits

We always have a plentiful supply of glass and dish-guard protection kits to keep your dishes safely and securely in place. With our glassguard & dish-guard protection kits you won’t have to deal with broken dishes when you unpack your boxes.

Mattress bags and dust covers for sofas, and chairs

Protect your investments against the risk of dampness and mildew caused by the weather. We recommend using mattress bags and dust covers for a wide variety of furniture from couches, to dining and coffee tables, even lamps and decor.

Kraft packing paper

Our Kraft packing paper is an ideal solution for protecting fragile items that you are putting into storage.  Wrap dishes, collectibles, home décor, or simply fill up extra spaces in moving boxes to ensure items are not broken by moving around in a box.

Bubble wrap packing supplies

Keep your valuable possessions safe and secure with bubble wrap. It makes an ideal protective cushioning for a wide variety of technology products from smartphones to tablets, to your desktop computer or gaming console.


With the exception of our St. Albert location, U•STORE•IT doesn’t require a mandatory purchase of our locks for storage units. We don’t mind if you use your own lock, but we do have padlocks for sale if you need one.

Ready-to-go storage packages

Are you running a growing business? Try our Managed Storage Program for Businesses. You can contact our Red Deer location to learn more about our ready-to-go storage packages.