Moving Boxes, Supplies and More

Small, medium and large boxes

We carry small, medium and large moving boxes to help pack the right items in the right box size. Try our smaller boxes for smaller but heavier items or our medium boxes for household items and our large boxes for more lightweight items. Not sure which ones to get, ask us for the perfect packing boxes for books, or moving boxes for clothes and more.

Package sealing tape

When it comes to sealing boxes for long-term storage, less tape is better. We recommend sealing tape so your prized possessions stay consistent through extreme temperatures.

Moving blankets

We offer a wide variety of moving blankets for all your storage needs and for added protection from scratches and scuff marks when moving furniture.

Surface defense protective paper pads

Protect your furniture, artwork, mirrors and more with paper pads. It adds an extra layer of cushioning for your prized possessions while moving or storing to keeps them clean and secure.

Saf-T-Pak for art and photographs

Protect the corners and edges of your fragile artworks, Samsung Smart TV, or mirrors with versatile foam protectors on corners or edges.

Protection kits for mirrors and glass

All of our facilities carry protection kits for a wide variety of small or large mirrors, to framed artwork and more.

Glassguard and dish-guard protection kits

We always have an extra supply of glass and dish guards as well as protection kits to keep your dishes safely and securely in place during rough moves.

Mattress bags and dust covers for sofas, and chairs

Protect your investments against dampness and mildew with mattress bags and dust covers for a wide variety of furniture from couches or dining tables, to lamps and more.

Kraft packing paper

Our Kraft packing paper is an ideal solution for protecting fragile items from collectibles to home décor, or to fill open spaces in moving boxes and more.

Bubble wrap packing supplies

Keep your valuable possessions safe and secure with bubble wrap. It makes an ideal protective cushioning for a wide variety of technology products from smartphones to tablets, to your Mac and more.


You can trust the U•STORE•IT difference for your personal or commercial storage solutions. Most storage companies require mandatory purchases of their locks or insurance rates for storage units. We don’t mind if you use your own lock, and insurance is optional but recommended. Contact our team of storage experts and get a quote on rates today!

Ready-to-go storage packages

Running a growing accounting firm? Try our Managed Storage Program for Businesses. Contact our Red Deer location to learn more about our ready-to-go storage packages and more.

Move in Specials

25% Off

Your first three months

New customers receive 25% off the first three month's rent.

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Residential Storage

U•STORE•IT has the room your home doesn't. Residential storage can include a wide variety of items around your house like family heirlooms, antique furnishings, seasonal décor, sporting goods, clothing, appliances, and more. U•STORE•IT makes residential storage convenient.

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Commercial Business Storage

U•STORE•IT has the room your office or home business doesn't! Let us securely store all of your commercial documents, inventory and business tools in our 24-hour secure self-storage facility. U•STORE•IT makes commercial storage convenient with our business storage solutions and services.

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Vehicle Storage

Whether you are looking for car storage, or storage of bicycles, motorbikes, watercraft, or even storing a snowmobile, we have the right vehicle storage option for you. With 0 admin fees and no contracts to get locked into, you can easily store your vehicle for any length of time to suit your needs.

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