29 July 2022/General

Store Winter Away and Get Ready for Summer!

Tips for Staying Organized

As the cold winter season comes to a close and spring begins to blossom, it is essential to stay organized. Spring cleaning always starts with decluttering and moving last season’s clothing and decor into storage. However, storing your winter items at home takes up too much space and can create a higher risk of losing your items to water or heat damage. 

That is why the best place to keep last season’s clothing, decor, and other items is always U-STORE-IT self-storage! 

Benefits of U-STORE-IT Self Storage

Storing your items with U-STORE-IT self-storage is the most reliable option when considering where to keep last season’s stuff. With climate-controlled storage units, your items will last through the dampness of spring and the heat of the summer. U-STORE-IT also features storage units of various sizes, making our units ideal for any amount of items.

Additionally, our storage units are monitored by video cameras to ensure the facility’s safety and your items. 

You may be asking yourself, “How can I stay organized while packing my items for storage?” Read on for a few tips for staying organized during the process of getting ready for summer. 

U-STORE-IT storage units

Find a Love for Labels

One of the most imperative aspects of staying organized when packing your items for storage is labelling. Be sure to label every box that you pack. Use a permanent marker to write a label on each cardboard box, put a colour-coded sticker system in place, or print out labels for each box with your label-maker. 

Whichever method you choose, stay consistent with it. For example, decide on one colour or name for each room of your home and label each box accordingly. This strategy will aid you greatly in staying organized and aware of the contents of each box. 

When you visit your storage unit at U-STORE-IT, if your boxes are clearly labelled, you will be able to easily locate any items that you may want to bring back into your home. 

Use Space-Saving Bags for Clothing

Do your winter clothes take up too much space? Winter clothing tends to be bulky, and closet clutter is a real problem in your way. However, having a cluttered closet is one of the most easily preventable organization mishaps!

Using space-saving vacuum-sealed storage bags for clothing is a great way to limit the amount of space that your winter clothes take up. By reducing the amount of air and extra volume in the bag, vacuum-sealed storage bags require less room to store. 

Visit the U-STORE-IT self-storage website today to find out more about our climate-controlled storage units. As you reduce the clutter in your house from last season’s clothing and decor and get ready for summer, you’ll be glad that you followed these tips. The last step to take is moving your bags and boxes into a self-storage unit! 

Feel your stress melt away as you experience an organized home with the help of U-STORE-IT self-storage. 

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