28 May 2020/General, Storage Tips

Is Storage Insurance Necessary?

U•STORE•IT has many security features to keep our customer’s units safe and secure: heated units, gated facilities, fireproof buildings, 24-hour surveillance, a security system, and on-site managers. With these features, some people might wonder “do I really need storage insurance?” While we don’t requite our customers to purchase coverage from our facilities, there are some reasons why you should still purchase it when you rent a unit.

1. Storage Insurance Extends Your Coverage

Some homeowners and tenant insurance policies may cover items in storage for up to three months, but after that, you aren’t covered anymore. Having storage insurance after this grace period is over is important to keep your belongings protected. Make sure you check your policy to determine the exact duration and the risks that are covered.

2. Storage Insurance Protects Your Belongings

If you want the peace of mind that the value of your belongings are protected while they are put away in storage, then storage insurance can relieve some of your concerns. Damage to your belongings, theft, fire, and flooding may be covered under your policy. You’ll have peace of mind that you have recourse to make a claim for the value of those items should exceptional circumstances occur.

3. Storage Insurance Is Convenient

U•STORE•IT offers insurance as an add-on that can be included with your existing self-storage rental. It is charged as one payment, once a month for your convenience. You don’t even have to think about separate payments.

4. Storage Insurance Is Affordable

The rates for our storage insurance start as low as $7 per month for smaller units. We can help you decide how much coverage you need based on the size of your unit and the particular items you’ll be storing.

If you have any questions about insurance policies or want to inquire about pricing, contact us to get a quote that will cover your belongings while they are in your unit. We have self-storage facilities located in North Edmonton, West Edmonton, South Edmonton, St. Albert, and Red Deer.