21 December 2022/General

How to Prepare Christmas Decorations for Storage

Christmas is the time of the year that brings a lot of joy and nostalgia. The spirit of Christmas also brings a load of Christmas decorations that one has to sort through every year. From intricate ornaments to artificial Christmas trees, it is essential to know how to store these decorations properly. This will help you spend more time with your friends and family and enjoy Christmas altogether instead of worrying about decoration storage.

If you are unsure about how to store your Christmas decorations and keep them well protected, it is advisable to invest in self-storage units. There are a variety of self-storage units you can choose from according to your requirements. Some storage units even have an option of climate and temperature control to prevent your decorations from being damaged through such factors. Furthermore, if you are wondering how to store the not-so-fragile and fragile items of your Christmas decorations, you can follow these easy tips, which will save you time and energy.

Tip#1: Pack Carefully and at the Right Time 

It is recommended to start taking your Christmas decorations off during January. While packing your Christmas decorations, make sure not to pack the heavy items with delicate ones or Christmas light strands. Always add extra cushioning for protection for delicate ornaments and fragile items. It is also essential to utilize the space correctly for each box or tub for the decorations instead of overfilling them. 

Tip#2: Store your decorations

Make sure that your Christmas items and decorations are in your clear sight whenever you are planning to go through them or sort them out. By placing them in plain sight, you can easily search the seasonal decorations instead of looking at every corner of your self-storage unit.

Tip#3: Packaging Dividers

It is better to spend on a plastic tub or sturdy box to store the fragile and delicate ornaments of your Christmas decorations as they demand special care and safety. Ensure that your delicate ornaments are perfectly secured by investing in foam dividers, packaging inserts, or bubble wraps. While storing your ornaments, separate the bulbs from both the indoor and outdoor lights in different boxes. Make sure to wrap your bulbs and light strands so they do not get tangled or fall victim to the slightest movement.

Tip#4: Marking the Boxes

While putting away your Christmas decorations during the off-season, it is recommended to label every box with the goods it holds and whether they are fragile or not. It will save you time when you are going through Christmas decorations and help you move the boxes with extreme care.

Tip#5: Disassemble Large Christmas Decorations

It is essential to dissemble both large and heavy Christmas decorations before storing them. As charming and quick as it may sound to put your Christmas decorations altogether in the boxes after taking them off the tree, you are subjecting them to breakage and damage, especially the fragile ornaments. To prevent such consequences, it is pivotal to disassemble large Christmas decorations and loose parts of the decorations. Wrap the fragile ornaments delicately and apply the same procedure for the glassware. It is always recommended to store your decorations in pieces instead of a whole unit. 

Reduce the clutter with a self-storage unit 

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