27 July 2022/Storage Tips

5 Ways To Declutter

Would you like to have a lovely, clean home? Most people would. However, parting with your things can be an emotional and time-consuming process. Is there a way to declutter without parting with your things? 

Thankfully, there is! Below we will cover five ways to declutter without parting with your things. 

Become an Organization Expert 

One of the best methods to leave your home looking and feeling less cluttered is becoming an organization expert. Organizing your items includes putting objects in the places that they belong and having containers and boxes in which you can separate different groups of things to create a more cohesive experience. 

Both you and your guests will love the way your home looks and feels when it is organized. 

Organizing your home will result in a more organized living space and a clutter-free mind.

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The 5-Minute Cleanup 

Another practice that is crucial to integrate into your daily routine to have a house free of clutter is the 5-minute cleanup. Simply pick five minutes at any point in your day to do a quick survey of your home. Then, if you notice anything out of place, pick it up and put it where it belongs.

Even if you only manage to resolve one percent of the clutter in your home, that puts you a step closer to living in a clutter-free space. 

Chores Galore 

If you live with another person, whether that be a family member, spouse, or roommate, you will want to designate some chores for each person living within the home. Having chores for each person in the house helps to keep things fair and prevent the load of decluttering from falling on one singular person. 

Delegating out the chores will produce a group effort, but it will also allow each person to feel a sense of responsibility and success within their living space.

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Use Space Saving Bags for Clothing

Utilizing space-saving bags for clothing, blankets, and other material items is one of the best ways to save space and allow your closets and bedrooms to appear less cluttered. Not only will these bags aid in decluttering, but they are also excellent for transporting large quantities of clothing or other material items.

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Rent a Self Storage Unit

While the above tips are all wonderful tips on how to declutter without parting with your things, sometimes you simply do not have enough space in your home. That’s where U-STORE-IT self-storage comes in! 

With climate-controlled storage units in various sizes, U-STORE-IT self-storage is the perfect place to keep your extra stuff. Whether you are temporarily keeping items in storage or needing a more permanent solution, U-STORE-IT is excited to help keep your belongings safe. 

Visit the U-STORE-IT self-storage website today to find out more about moving a few of your belongings into a climate-controlled storage unit. You’ll love the way you feel when your home is free of all of that extra clutter!

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