With the advent of cultural phenomenons like minimalism and Marie Kondo, tidying up has become a joyful experience. When you create order and unity in your surroundings, inner calm tends to follow.

Are you on a cleaning kick yourself? Well, self-storage units are perfect solutions for opening up space in your home. Whether you’re moving, downsizing or purging, you can tuck away cherished possessions in a safe and secure facility like U•STORE•IT.

And just like you would in your home, you’ll want to keep your storage unit spick and span. Rather than tossing everything in garbage bags, be smart about how you organize your belongings. With that in mind, we’re here to spark a little joy in your life with our top 10 tips for maximizing storage space.

  1. Part with the excess

Do you really need that third TV? And when was the last time you went skiing? Take a moment to reflect and decide what you actually need to store. Prioritize sentimental and frequently used items—sell or donate the rest.

  1. Tally up what you’ve got

Take photos, draw a map, write up a list: However best suits you, keep track of everything you’re storing. If you forget where your baseball card collection ended up, you can check your handy inventory.

  1. Put it on a shelf

Free up valuable floor space with sturdy shelving along your walls. It’ll be easier to scan your possessions at a glance, while also making room for bigger ticket items. 

  1. Think inside the box

Bags and totes are flimsy and difficult to stack. Instead, choose durable boxes and bins in a uniform size, so you can neatly place them on top of one another. We’ve got a variety of packing supplies to help you in that department.

  1. Give everything a home

Put electronics on the same shelf, file documents in one cabinet and place antiques in a designated container. When you group similar items, you can track them down much faster.

  1. Label, label, label

What’s in that box? Save time wondering and digging with a smart labeling system. Colour-code and write in large, clear lettering—you’ll find what you need in a snap.

  1. Free the furniture

When you stack tables, desks and chairs, you can cause wear and tear over time. So, take them apart if you can. Arrange the disassembled pieces flat or vertically to maximize space.

  1. Play a little Tetris

Packing can be fun, right? Treat suitcases and dressers like Russian dolls by placing smaller items inside large containers. Roll your clothes into compact cylinders, and vacuum seal winter coats to shrink them down. Fill small gaps with posters, pictures or mirrors.

  1. Pave a path

Pack your storage unit from back to front, focusing on the walls first and moving outward. Create a spacious aisle, so you can move freely and access the items you need.

  1. Stack it to the sky

Place containers on top of one another, from heaviest to lightest. Prevent hazards by leaving enough clearance from the ceiling and vents.

Get storage savvy with U•STORE•IT

Are you inspired to go on your own cleaning spree yet? Maximizing storage space allows you to pack your possessions right the first time, so you can feel cool, calm and collected every time you go inside your unit.

If you’re on the hunt for a modern and clean place to stash your goods, or if you’re downsizing and need a storage space, our storage facilities in Edmonton, St. Albert and Red Deer boast spacious units, 24-hour surveillance, climate-controlled bays, and helpful staff. 

Explore our residential storage options and contact us to get pricing today.

From fine china and figurines to carved oak and mid-century furnishings, every antique has a story to tell.

Do you own a family heirloom passed down through the generations? Or, have you snapped up a rare trinket while thrift shopping? No matter how you’ve found your antique furniture, these beloved treasures hold deep sentimental value, and can often carry high financial worth.

It’s vital to store your collectibles in a safe and protected place, especially if you’re looking to cut down on clutter in your home. At U•STORE•IT, we offer spacious and secure self-storage, along with specialized packing supplies to safeguard your prized possessions.

Once you’ve chosen the best storage unit for you, be sure to take the right steps to stow away your valuables. Read on for helpful tips to prep, clean and store your antique furniture to keep your possessions sparkling and shining for decades to come. 

Dust off the cobwebs

Before you pack your antique furniture away, keep it looking fresh with a proper cleaning. Every collectible has unique care instructions, so research extensively before ever spraying it down with chemicals. Always read the package directions or consult an expert if you’re unsure how to proceed.

But, as a rule, antique collectors recommend you take these steps: 

  • Wipe down items like wood furniture with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess dust and grime. If that’s not doing the job, wax the wood with a natural polish, which prevents cracking and drying. 
  • Consider cleaning glazed porcelain and ceramics with isopropyl alcohol. However, steer clear of this chemical when wiping wood or painted glass, as it can strip the finish.
  • Dust off delicate pieces with a paintbrush or moisture-free canned air. But, avoid the temptation to over-clean jewelry, which can lose its shine when scrubbed too often.

Break it down

Stacking chairs to the ceiling might sound like a clever storage solution, but you’re risking damage to your antique furniture if you go this route.

Wherever possible, you should disassemble pieces to prevent stress and damage on joints. Try these tips:

  • Carefully dismantle removable pieces, such as legs, headboards, slats, shelves and drawers.
  • Stay organized by labeling each part and creating a complete checklist.
  • Take pictures to remind you how to put the furniture back together. If you should ever need to make an insurance claim, these photos will also come in handy as evidence.

Keep everything under wraps

When properly sealed and packed, antiques retain their beauty and value. Whether it’s a stately desk, ornate mirror or delicate doll, it’s essential to choose the correct material to protect your treasures. 

Luckily, we offer a variety of storage supplies to preserve your vintage collectibles:

  • Cover your antiques with protective paper pads to shield against dust, moisture and mildew.
  • Add Saf-T-Pak to the edges and corners of mirrors and artwork. Store them horizontally to prevent them from falling over.
  • Glass- and dish-guards will cushion your delicate pieces against chips and damage.
  • Depending on the size of the antique, place it in one of our small, medium or large storage boxes. Arrange pieces closely enough together to maximum square footage while still allowing air flow through the space.

Protect your precious antiques at U•STORE•IT

Your antique furniture deserves a safe and happy home, one that will keep it looking as immaculate as the day you inherited it.

Once you’ve cleaned and packed your possessions, we’re eager to help you choose the right size self-storage unit for your needs. Our modern and highly hygienic storage facilities in Edmonton, St. Albert and Red Deer come fully equipped with 24-hour surveillance, climate-controlled bays and expert staff. 

Be sure to explore our residential storage options and contact us to get pricing today.